Bluforia was born as innovative scuba diving training concept, with the purpose to form independent and aware divers using a new quality training method focused on the individual. This idea has now concretized in a Diving Center, located in Cala Gonone in the beautiful Orosei Gulf, Sardinia.

The idea behind the name was that to represent the euphoria divers feel when they the go deep into the “blue”.

That’s why the logo concept revolves around the perception of this feeling underwater, which develops in a substantial emission of bubbles: they form the shape of fins while ascending, leaving an empty space for a circle, as the air tank seen from above. At the bottom, mask and regulator complete the scuba diver figure in a clean, appropriate and modern design.

Bluforia – Advanced Scuba Training
Client: Bluforia ASD – Diving Center located in Cala Gonone, Sardinia
Services: Logo Design, Illustration, Product Design, Marketing
Year: 2016
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