Balente is a Sardinian word describing a man of value, who stands up for himself.
He’s a wise and very brave man, able to survive in a hostile nature.
Man of honor, the Balente also has a rebel fire inside. He‘s strong with the strong, very smart and clever.
Balente is able to find the best moment to bend the events to his own will.

Balente SURFBOARD was born as natural result of the passion of their creators for surfing and their island. Located in Sardinia (Italy), it embodies its spirit, creating custom surfboards made for sardinian waves.
The aim of the design, was to represent the strong sense of belonging, joining sardinian and surf culture.
I studied ancient history of Sardinia and chose one of the most famous symbol of nuragic civilization: the magical Pintadera, a printing stamp also used as lunar calendar.
I elaborated its geometric decoration into a B to create two different concepts:
Circles and triangles creating one shape, united and compact, representing the sardinian “Locals” surfers in opposition of the foreigner, rapresented as a dot.
The second image is the B seen as waves, which come one after another to the shore where the dot, being the Balente surfer, is ready to enter the water.
This is Balente.
Sense of belonging and Passion for Sardinian waves.
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BALENTE Surfboard
Client:Project made for the Accademia d’Arte di Cagliari (Art Academy of Cagliari)
Services:Branding, Product Design, Visual Communication, Marketing
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